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Joe is professional drummer and drum teacher currently based in Surrey. He started his drumming journey in his teenage years, haveing lessons with teacher Sam Green. 

He then went on to study drums at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford (ACM). There under the guidance of some of the best UK drummers and music lecturers such as Stu Roberts, John Duff, Pete Riley, Alun Harrise, Toby Drummond. Mike Sturgis, Joe Yoshida, Adam Payne and Frank Tontoh, he learned a vital amount of knowledge and many musical skills at an early part of his journey. He also obtained a Diploma, Higher Diploma and a BMus Honors Degree in his 4 years at ACM.

Since leaving ACM he has gone on to play shows in the UK, Europe and the US. He has played live in many legendary music venues and some of the best known UK festivals.

He has also recorded in high regarded studios such as Rockfield, The Ranch Production House, Middle Farm Studios and Music Ape.

With over 10 years experience in styles from Rock, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Punk, Folk, Pop and Jazz. Combined with a wealth of live and recording experience Joe is a very versatile, creative and reliable musician.  He specializes in Jamaican drumming styles, funk and rock and pop styles. 

Joe is currently playing with professional function band The Wooden Men and South London's rock n roll, punk-a-billy legends the Witchdoktors as well as one of the UKs finest Irish rock bands The Lagan. Previous bands and artists that hes has played in or depped in include MoCara, The Lagan, Angenita Blackwood, Shaka Black and the Lalabella Band, Mystic Messenger, Guitar Gangsters (EU), Ital Vibes (US) Natural Vibes Band, Stuey Moon, to name a few. 

Joe has also worked with other music industry professionals, drummers and producers such as, Jim Jamoa, Frank Tontoh, Peter Miles, Daly George, Fransis Forbes-Edwards and more

IThroughout 2019 Joe began honing his production and recording skills creating his own studio. As well as being able to offer remote drum recordings and develop groove and loop packs; Joe created the reggae/roots/ska recording collective the Gyrators. With Joe on the drums, production as well as band leader, the Gyrators produced and released their debut album of rearrangements and reimaginings of classic and rare Jamaican instrumentals in 2020. Entitled Sounds From Another Dimension and out on Joe's own independent record label 3Bun Records. Album available on all digital stores as well as a 7" vinyl single available at the 3bun records Bandcamp


In late 2020 the Gyrators also put out their second 45, split between 3bun records and the Creation Rebel label of Creation Rebel Sound System from London featuring the bands reimagining of the Studio One Classic riddem Bitter Blood. the vinyl also has a B Side featuring a dub remix by legendary London dub master Darren Jamtone. The single has received positive acclaim from the UK reggae scene and has been played many times on the UK's legendary DJ; David Rodigan's BBC 1 Extra Sunday show. This is also available by emailing 


The band occasionally play live and are also available for backing artists in Jamaican styles. Check out the Gyrators on facebook. 

As of 2020 Joe is also looking to get involved in new projects and new artists as well as continuing to push his own projects to wider audience. If you need a drummer for live shows, recordings, tours or dep gigs then please get in touch.


Lets make some music!



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